List of Work in GSoC


For the past three months, I have participated in the Google Summer of Code 2022 project, and I am very happy to be able to contribute code to kworkflow. This was my start into the Linux Kernel world. By participating in the kworkflow project, I practiced the use of team collaboration tools such as Git and IRC, which is very useful in my future programming.

The whole project was originally planned to be divided into two parts, the first part is to update the code of kworkflow, and the second part is to transplant kworkflow for my commonly used distribution OpenWrt.

During this time, I opened some pull requests, committed some code, improved some documentation, and practiced using email to communicate. Since the kworkflow project is based on bash, I also learned the use of bash during this time (the difference from c/java/rust is quite big :<). For OpenWrt, I read some boot-related code and tried it on my own device (involving some hardware operations such as soldering).


Here is the list of code I committed mainly around bug fixes:

  1. pull github: workflow: Fix CI failure caused by sphinx-book-theme #603 for issue #583
  2. pull src: explore: Add parameter amount check #651 for issue #409
  3. pull src: build: hide error generated by make #655 for issue #398
  4. pull src: vm: Add dependency for vm deploy and update remote kw path #678 for issue #246 , #677
  5. pull src: explore: Modernize explore #679 for issue #223
  6. pull documentation: Change en-dash to double dashes #680
  7. pull doc: remote: Update deploy tutorial with new kw-remote #681
  8. pull src: deploy: Add --no-reboot option #682 for issue #542
  9. pull src: remote: Accept new key from remote #683 for issue #610
  10. pull src: maintainers: Modernize maintainers #684 for issue #456
  11. pull src: explore: Add only-source only-header function #686 for issue #184
  12. pull src: setup: Add root install support #688 for issue #687
  13. pull src: lib: Add function to get config option and improve fix for #398 #689
  14. pull src: build: Add renaming feature in and unify naming of kernel_name in #691 for issue #189
  15. pull src: deploy: count INSTALL only for more accurate progress bar #693 for issue #692


Blog posts

This is my attempt for porting OpenWrt to a new device. Analyze the way of in-stock bootloader and find the way to let homebrew Linux run.

Miscellaneous: This blog describes how I used techniques I learned in GSoC in other projects:


There are many things interspersed during the project, such as final exams and competitions with smart cars. It is not easy to maintain a balance between multiple projects. In particular, I would like to thank my mentor Siqueira, whose patience and understanding were critical to the completion of these projects


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